Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sail Care at Covercare

Who's based at Thornham Marina?

Continuing with my introduction theme, this week’s introduction goes to Covercare... 

Covercare is a family run business that has been based at Thornham Marina for over 9 years. They pride themselves on customer service, value for money and using the best quality fabrics. 

They offer a broad range of services, covering everything from boat covers to garden furniture covers but you’ll be keen to hear about their sail/boat services… 

This winter Covercare are offering a free sail storage when you get them serviced at Covercare! To book your sails in for a service give Sharon or Dave a call on 01243 372 759 or email info@covercare.co.uk

They also offer a variety of services such as
Sail and cover laundry
Cover and sail repairs
Sail alterations and re-cuts
Canvas re-proofing
Replacement sacrificial strips on genoas

Check out their website, www.covercare.com for a full range of services… 

Want to find out who else we have on-site?

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