Saturday, 17 May 2014

Which Weekend Would You Prefer?

Dave’s Weekend
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Dave arrived at the Marina, parked up in the car park and walked to the marina office to pick up a trolley to offload the car. Whilst there Dave received a warm, friendly smile from the girls in the office, had the usual British weather chat and discussed his plans for the weekend. 

After transferring all the ‘boat clobber’ in to the trolley, ensuring the most precious cargo (wine!) was safely stowed Dave headed down to his boat. It was a mere 5 minutes before the boat was loaded and he was sat in the cockpit enjoying his first chilled tipple of the day! Dave topped up the tanks with fresh water and made sure the fridge had been cooling nicely whilst he was away (Dave doesn't like to drink warm wine)! 

Waiting for the tide to come in, he had a chance to complete as his wife describes ‘faffy’ jobs that he didn't get around to last weekend. 

Once the tide was in, Dave cast off and made his way down the Thorney Channel excited for the weekend ahead to explore Chichester Harbour! 

Steve’s Weekend
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Eventually Steve found a space to park the car about a 5 minute walk to his tender – not ideal but it would have to do. He somehow managed to balance everything from the boot of his car precariously in his arms and set off down the road looking like one half of a juggling duo. 

Once at the tender Steve loaded up and put his finest rowing skills in to action! Although Steve was happy to be heading to the boat, he was dreading the thought of trying to remain on his feet whilst transferring his kit from tender to boat. 

30 minutes later, Steve was able to sit back relax and enjoy his warm beer whilst waiting for the fridge to cool. 

Which weekend would you prefer? If you want to have a weekend like Dave call Courtney or Jeanette now on 01243 375 335 to book your hassle free berth! 

Discover the Best Kept Secret in Chichester Harbour!  

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