Friday, 9 August 2013

Annual Customer Survey Results

We recently sent out a survey to all Boat Owners past and present of which we had a fantastic response.

I have listed below a couple of the questions that were in the survey and the responses. I hope you find it interesting.

Next week the lucky winner of a £100 voucher to be used towards services at Thornham will be announced!

How do you rate the helpfulness of staff?
Excellent/Very Good - 97%
Good - 3%

How likely are you to recommend Thornham Marina to other Boat Owners?
Very Likely/Likely - 98%
Never - 2% (they don't want it to get too crowded!)

How would you rate the way your boat is lifted/pressure washed/re-launched?
Excellent/Very Good - 85%
Good - 8%
Poor - 2%
Not Answered - 5%

How would you rate the way your boat is cradled/blocked/shored?
Excellent/Very Good - 87%
Good - 3%
Fair - 2%
Not Answered - 9%

If you would like a full copy of the survey results please email Courtney on

Don't forget to check back next week to find out the lucky winner of our £100 gift voucher! 

Kind Regards, 
The Thornham Team
01243 375 335

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