Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Busy Winter Season..

Winter 2013/14 has been our busiest (and possibly coldest!) yet. 

All that is left for most, is to think about the jobs you have to do prior to re-launch. We thought we'd put together a few ideas as a check list to ensure you are ready for summer.

If you have yet to decide a launch date, call the office 01243 375 335 to discuss suitable days. Easter is on 31 March this year and that week is very busy so I recommend you book as soon as possible if you wish to go that week. 

Antifoul - Allow yourself plenty of time to antifoul your boat if you are doing this yourself.  To ensure you get the best out of your antifoul, it should be stored at room temperature the night before and then applied to your boat in a temperature of above 5 degrees on the day.  

If we are antifouling for you then you do not need to worry as when you book your launch date, we will then allocate a day for your boat to be antifouled. We will make sure that the patches where the shores or cradle pads have been are antifouled and this is done whilst you are in the slings ready to be put back into the water. For those of you who are antifouling yourself, if you leave your paint and a brush, the guys will do the patches for you before your launch. Please be aware that they will only have time to do the patches and will not have time to drop keels for these to be antifouled. If you need your keel antifouled, this will need to be booked prior to launch and you will be charged at an hourly labour rate for this. 

The only other thing I would ask, is that you make sure you dispose of your empty tins, trays, bags and brushes in the appropriate bins.  Please do not leave these under or next to your boat as they are a trip hazard and make the yard look very untidy.

Your engine – there have been instances in the past where owners have left it until the last minute to turn their engines on, only to find they do not start.  We always allow sufficient time in the pool for owners to run up their engines, and if you have had a lot of work done on your engine it is advised that you are launched the day before you wish to leave so you can carry out any checks and make sure there are no leaks – especially if your boat is going onto a swinging mooring.

Sails – When sails are put back on, it is important that they are secured properly especially whilst you are still ashore.  If they are not secured properly and the wind picks up, the sails could unravel and potentially cause the boat to fall over.  If you need to hoist your sails whilst you are ashore, please make sure that there is no wind and your boat is pointing in the right direction to the wind – again if this is not done properly serious damage could be caused to your and other peoples boats and injury to yourself. 

Re-stocking – this can be done whilst she is still ashore or depending on your launch to the pool, there will be some time for you to do this whilst in the pool.  

Leaving the pool – you will be assisted by Cliff and John when you leave the pool.  If you decide not to leave due to high winds – this is not a problem but you should let the boys know as soon as possible so you can be moved to allow the other boats to leave. 

One thing you don't have to worry about is where to leave your car as we provide a free taxi journey (within a 20 mile radius) to get you back your car. 

If you have anything else that you would recommend to other boat owners, please email us info@thornhammarina.com so we can add this to our list! 

We hope you have all enjoyed your time at Thornham and look forward to seeing you all next season! 

The Thornham Team, 
01243 375 335 

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