Thursday, 11 October 2012

What Is Missing Off Your Winter Maintenance List?

Now that winter is approaching it is time for Boat Owners to start compiling their ‘winter maintenance list’. Some come in to the office to share their lists and ask for advice on certain tasks or who we can recommend to undertake them. (Click here to see who we do recommend) Out of all the maintenance lists I’ve seen there is always one crucial thing missing - Service Life Jackets! 

The most important thing to carry on board (apart from wine and food!) whilst out sailing is safety equipment. Life Jackets, Life Buoys, Flares, VHF etc… 

It is as important to service this equipment regularly as it is to carry them. There’s no point in having a life jacket on board if it does not work! Check out our previous blog article about the importance of wearing a life jacket.

To keep our Boat Owners safe, we have teamed up with SeaSafe LTD a company who provide a hassle free life jacket service 

All you have to do to stay safe on the water next summer is… 

1. Pop into the office with your life jacket, fill out a short form with your name, address and phone number. 

2. We will then send your life jacket to Seasafe, where they will service your life jacket in their factory.

3. Seasafe will then call you to give you some general information about your life jacket as well as things you may not realise need replacing or fixing. 

4. Seasafe will then return your life jacket to us for you to collect within 14 working days.

Make sure your life jacket works before you hit the water! 

The Thornham Team
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