Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Customer Survey Results 2012

We recently sent out a Survey to all Boat Owners past and present of which we had a fantastic response.  I have listed below a couple of the questions that were in the survey and the responses.  I hope you find it interesting.

How do you rate the helpfulness of staff?

Excellent/V Good - 100%
Good - 0%
Fair - 0%
Poor - 0%

How do you rate the level of service given to you upon arrival at Thornham Marina?

Excellent/V Good - 90%
Good - 10%
Fair - 0%
Poor - 0%

How would you rate the cleanliness of the Marina?

Excellent/V Good - 86%
Good - 14%
Fair - 0%
Poor - 0%

How would you rate the Lift Out/Re-Launch procedures?

Excellent/V Good - 95%
Good - 5%
Fair - 0%
Poor - 0%

How would you rate the way your boat is looked after/during your stay?

Excellent/V Good - 86%
Good - 12%
Fair - 2%
Poor - 0%

How likely are you to recommend Thornham Marina to other Boat Owners?

Very Likely/Likely - 99%
Never - 1% (1 person refused to tell anyone about us because we are Chichester Harbours' Best Kept Secret!)

If you would like to see a full copy of the survey results please let me know.

The Thornham Team

01243 375 335

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  1. Hello. I am happy to have discovered your blog!
    I am just not sure the best way to go about it. I really like your survey questions. All but about 3 are questions I would like to use. Thank you for sharing!!
    Customer Survey Questions