Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Teak Deck Maintenance

Hello Readers, 

With the launching season approaching I thought I’d post some little weekly tips from our Tenants on-site. Our first tip is from Steve Hulme who about how to maintain your teak decking. 

"As the colder months approach and preparations begin for your boats winter lay-up, it is advisable to keep an eye on your teak decks.

After a rain shower or having been washed, whilst your deck is drying, check your rubber seams.  If they are staying wetter than the rest of the deck it is conceivable that the bond between the rubber and teak has failed, and should be repaired as early as possible.  If water becomes trapped within the seam it can track along the bottom of the seam and can cause long term problems that are not immediately obvious, for example; leaks into the cabin, rotting out the teak from the underside, rot to the top of deck beams (traditional laid deck) or osmosis of the fibreglass sub deck.  All this is worst case scenario and more often than not the repairs can be performed relatively quickly".

If you want to talk to Steve more in depth about this or ask him some of your own questions you can find him in the left hand side of our Big Brown Shed, or you call him on 07764 153692.  Alternatively you can email him at steve@shulmeandsons.co.uk or visit his website at www.shulmeandsons.co.uk

We hope you found that useful...and fingers crossed those rubber seams do their job!

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