Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Life Jackets Save Lives!

We at Thornham Marina believe strongly in wearing a life jacket while out at sea and thought we would share our advice on why it is so important in the unpredictable conditions of the sea. It could buy you time & save your life.

Firstly make sure that life jackets are readily available and accessible on board, RNLI research has found that out of 98% of people carrying a life jacket only 52% often use them.

Whilst buying a life jacket make sure you check the fit, it won't be as effective if it is not snug around your shoulders as it won't keep your head afloat. If it is too loose, the floatation will push the jacket up around your face. If it is too small, it won't keep your body afloat. It is also a good idea to choose a brightly coloured life jacket so that you can be easily spotted if you do fall into the water.

All of this information is very useful, but... what happens if you fall into the water and you life jacket doesn't inflate?

This is why it also just as important to get them serviced annually. Thornham Marina have teamed up with Seasafe to provide boat owners with a hassle free servicing station.

All you have to do is...
1. Pop into the office with your life jacket, fill out a short form with your name, address and phone number.

2. We will then send your life jacket to Seasafe, where they will service your life jacket in their factory.
3. Seasafe will then call you to give you some general information about your life jacket as well as things you may not realise need replacing or fixing.
4. Seasafe will then return your life jacket to us for you to collect within 14 working days.
If you want more information about Seasafe & their services check out their website

Make sure your life jacket works, get yours serviced! 

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