Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Don't Be Left Holding The Roller This Year. Call Thornham Now!

I know antifoul is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but I really don’t want you to miss out on our fantastic offer we have running! Every year Boat Owners leave it until the last minute to apply their antifoul before they are launched, waiting for an ideal weather window and an available weekend to come down. Don’t leave it until last minute this year, pick up the phone and book yours now. (It’s quite simple, honest!)

With our fantastic deal you can save yourself 10% by booking before the 15th of Jan. Based on an 8m boat your antifoul should cost you £223.20 but with our early bird deal your antifoul will cost just £209.84.

Let me explain what will happen when you book. I will give you a quick call or email to find out where your boat lives during the summer period so we can apply the right type of antifoul. I will also find out what colour you would like. We have 5 colours available, Shark Grey, Mid blue, Navy Blue Red & Black. Once you have a decided what colour and type, and when we have a rough launch date for you, we will pencil in a time to antifoul her. Of course this depends on the weather, but it saves you rushing down as soon as the sun shines! Before the boys start Cliff or John will lightly rub down the hull and remove any flaky bits. Once she is ready they will apply 2 coats of antifoul. This should be enough to last you 2 seasons, according to the manufactures instructions.  Primer can be applied at an additional cost at the Boat Owners request. Just before she is ready to start her summer escapades Cliff or John will touch up the patches where the pads/shores have been.

Does this deal sound good to you? If so make sure you take advantage of our great offer! Call or email myself or Jeanette now on 01243 375 335 / !

If you don’t want to be left holding the roller this year, call now!


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