Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Christmas Video From Thornham Marina

Hello Everyone, 

Here is a little Christmas Video from The Thornham Marina Elves! 

Hope You Enjoyed!

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P.S, You can ElfYourself here!

Friday, 9 December 2011

I Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife...

The Team at Thornham Marina would like to Congratulate Mr & Mrs Baker (Yacht Cinnamon) on their recent wedding!

Mr & Mrs Baker (Yacht Cinnamon)
Ron and Christine Baker, long-standing customers of Thornham Marina, were married at St Mary's, Chiddingfold on the 24th September. Recognising the formality of the occasion Ron gave up the white boiler suit, in which you may have seen him working on their Macwester CINNAMON, for slightly more appropriate dress. Not to be outdone, Christine passed up on her Gill suit too! They then had a lovely reception with over 80 friends and family in Haslemere. Shortly after the wedding we were all blessed with that lovely "Indian Summer" so they were able to snatch a totally unexpected pre-honeymoon for a few days on Cinnamon before departing for Rome!

We are pleased that they had a fantastic day and wish them all the best for married life! 

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