Thursday, 14 July 2011

BT Broadband Fiasco at Thornham Marina, Chichester Harbour!

Dear Readers,

Our Current BT broadband connection was down due to a major fault at the exchange with BT for over 6 days. This meant that we were not able to update you with the progress on the new build, post our interesting blogs, or catch up with you via twitter and facebook. It also meant that we were unable to respond to any enquiries or bookings via email.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the business interruption caused by BT.

Once I have caught up with the back log of work I will post an account of the appalling service from BT.

You might like to know that had they carried out their 'Quality of Service Statement' as per their Code of Practice, then the situation would have been resolved a lot quicker than 6 days. When the engineer that visited today and indentified that it was a mains fault, it was rectified within 30 minutes.

This was despite the 2 engineers visiting who told us that it was a mains fault, but because of their job titles were unable to fix the problem although they were capable of doing so.

If anyone out there knows a reliable phone & broadband provider please let us know? 

Thank you,

The Thornham Team