Friday, 26 November 2010

Special Short Term Deals and Offers at Thornham Marina Chichester Harbour

Late Indian summers seem to be a frequent forecast for Britain meaning many people are leaving their boats out on their moorings for 99% of the year. But even if you do that, you still need a month to do all the necessary repairs before the ‘proper’ sailing season starts. Costs soon start adding up when you have the lift to pay for along with the pressure wash, storage maintenance bills, antifoul and the re launch! 

We here at Thornham are trying to save you £££’s by offering you our fantastic deal whereby we will lift your boat with our state of the art fully submersible machine, pressure wash you clean, store you ashore for 30 days and launch you again. All you have to do is pay for the lift and the launch! 

Let’s see how much you can save. Based on a 9m boat this package should cost you £550.89. With our special deal all of that can cost you just £357.12. That’s a huge £193 saving! Another added extra we provide you with is a free taxi service back to your home port (within a 20 mile radius) so you don’t have to worry about cars being in 2 places. 

We want to save you even more money, book by the 22nd of December and we will hold our current rates meaning you won’t receive the VAT increase! 

To take advantage of this fantastic deal call Courtney on 01243 375 335 or email 

**We can also save you time and money if you take advantage of our antifoul service! Call 01243 375 335 or email to find out how much more you can save!**

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