Friday, 4 June 2010

What should I do to prepare my boat for lift out on arrival at a boatyard?

Because lots of people ask me,

"What should I do to prepare my boat for lift out on arrival at a boatyard?

I thought I'd prepare a handy checklist for you too.

If you are planning any specialist or messy work during the winter ensure the staff know well in advance so they can position you in the right part of the yard.

Prior to arriving ensure the staff are aware of your type of vessel.

If it is a rare design, a picture of her out of the water is a great help. This means the yard staff can prepare the hoist prior to your arrival.

Prepare fenders and warps on both sides while in safe water.

Lift out is a busy time and things change constantly.

When coming alongside ensure that all fingers and feet are safely out of the way, especially children's. Boats are easier and less painful to repair.

Remove your log impeller and replace it with the blanking plug.

Furling sails need to be removed, ideally before arrival although this is not always possible. (Every year many sails unfurl during winter gales ruining the sail and risking the boat falling over. It is a very uncomfortable feeling being on a yacht ashore in the middle of a gale trying to furl a sail back in. It's bad enough at sea!)

Before leaving your boat in the capable hands of the yard staff, ensure that the gas and batteries are turned off and she is locked up. This will save you hanging around until she is safely blocked off.

If you have a spare set of keys it is always useful to leave these with the yard, not least of all in case you forget your own set when coming down to work on her.

A great advantage of lifting at our marina is that we will give you a free taxi ride up to 20 miles back to your car. Just let the office know in advance!
If you have any other questions regarding lifting out your boat please give me a call in the office.


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