Thursday, 11 March 2010

Customer Loyalty Survey Results- Thornham Marina

We recently sent out a ‘Thornham Client Survey’ of which we had a fantastic response. I have listed below a couple of the questions that were in the survey and the responses. We hope you find it interesting.

How do you rate our welcome upon your arrival at Thornham Marina?

Excellent/V Good - 94%
Good - 4%
Fair - 2%
Poor - 0%

How do you rate the way your boat is cradled or blocked off?

Excellent/V Good - 81%
Good - 16%
Fair - 3%
Poor - 0%

Are you happy with the information you receive when asking questions?

Excellent/V Good - 95%
Good - 5%
Fair - 0%
Poor - 0%

How would you rate the general Marina Facilities?

Excellent/V Good - 52%
Good - 31%
Fair - 16%
Poor - 1%

How would you rate the way your boat is looked after/during your stay?

Excellent/V Good - 69%
Good - 27%
Fair - 4%
Poor - 0%

How do you rate your overall experience at Thornham Marina?

Excellent/V Good - 89%
Good - 10%
Fair - 1%
Poor - 0%
If you would like to see a full copy of the survey results just drop us an email on

Everyone who filled out the survey was entered into our prize draw to win 3 Bottles of wine! The lucky winner was Neil Burns who received his wine from Jeanette after entering his survey into the competition. See Picture below:

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