Friday, 26 February 2010

Thornham Marina New year Newsletter 2010

To download a copy of the Thornham Marina Newsletter for January 2010 just click the link below:

Thornham Marina Newsletter January 2010

Wi-Fi at Thornham Marina!

Wi-Fi is here at last!

We are pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated Wi-Fi system for you at Thornham. The system is now live and the new network will allow subscribers to roam over 45 other marina sites in the UK and Ireland.

Get Connected:

  • Pop into the office or send us an email to register for Wi-Fi and we will issue you with a username and password.

  • Set your Wireless LAN to 'Spectrum'

  • Open up an internet browser and a log-in page will appear

  • Select your amount of browsing time, or enter your username and password to log on

Happy Browsing!

Marine Distress Flare Warning: Acceptance of out of date flares at Police stations (TEPs)

A notice from Hampshire Constabulary Police Stations

Acceptance of Time Expired Pyrotechnics (TEPs, i.e. out of date flares) at police stations:
This notice is due to overwhelming quantities of out of date flares being handed in at Police Stations.

With Immediate effect Hampshire Constabulary stations will accept a maximum quantity of 10 flares from individual members of the public only.

MCA Marine Rescue Co-ordination centre will accept TEP's from Individual members of the public, and from small independent fishing vessels, by prior appointment, Phone 023 9255 2100. HM Coastguard is not responsible for the disposal of TEP's and accepts them at its own discretion and subject to storage availability.

Commercial Organisations must make alternative arrangements for the collection and disposal of their TEP's: see Marine Guidance Note MGN 287 (M+F) for further details of commercial disposal options.

Please refer to the MCA website for General Advice for the Disposal of Time Expired Pyrotechnics and for Marine Guidance Notice MGN287 (M+F), Disposal of Out of Date Pyrotechnics.
Hampshire Constabulary February 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Would you like free Winter storage in Chichester Harbour?

‘Lucky prize draw winners at Thornham Marina, Chichester Harbour.’

Would you like your Winter storage free at Thornham Marina in Chichester Harbour?

Mark Day- Yacht 'Sapphire'
2 lucky owners who entered our last prize draw, were delighted to receive their winter storage free of charge which is a combined winning of almost £2000!
Tony Smith- Yacht 'Walkaway'

What do you have to do to receive this package worth up to £1200? Just book your winter storage at Thornham Marina and pay a £100 deposit by 31st March 2010 and your name will go into our free prize draw.

Have a look at the video below to see what our lucky winners had to say about
their late Christmas present:

If you want to be the lucky recipient of up to £1200 worth of winter storage then call: Jeanette or Laura on 01243 375335 or just drop us an email at
to secure your place ashore for this coming winter and put your name into the prize draw.

You have to be in it to win it!

Thornham Marina makes winter storage arrangements easy – Book your's before the 31st of March to be entered into our prize draw.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Winter Storage at Chichester Harbour

Do you like chatting with boat owners who you have something in common with? You might think that you are the only one with your design of boat in Chichester harbour but wouldn't it be nice to see another like-minded boat owner? If you have ever wondered how many types of boat there are in Chichester harbour and where they all hide in the winter then let me tell you a secret... 217 boat owners already know and we are willing to share it with you.

Thornham Marina, situated at the top of Chichester Harbour, caters for most types of boats. If you want to save money for winter 2010 then why not give us a call now on 01245 375335 and we can discuss your winter storage packages.

Listed below that some of the types of boats that regularly winter at Thornham Marina.

A Aluminium 280 SC,
B Bavaria 34, Bayliner 29 Motorboat.
Bayliner 39, Beneteau 21.7, Beneteau 211, Beneteau 25.7, Beneteau 25/7, Beneteau 325,Beneteau Oceanis 311, Blackwater Sloop. Botnia Targa 30.
C Carvella 22, Catalak Catamaran, Catalina 30, Challenger Horizon, Coaster 33, Cobra 850, Colvic Cobra, Compac 23, Contessa 32, Cormorant Challenger,Cornish Shrimper.
D Deb 33, Deben Cherub, Dracor 27, Dragonfly 800.
E Endurance 40, Express Pilot.
F Fairey Fisherman, Fairline Carrerra, Farrier 27 Triamaran, Feltham Yard Wooden, Finesse, Fjord 30, Folk Boat.
G Gaff Rig, Gaff Wooden Cutter, Gibsea 282, GK 26, Golden Hind 31.
H Halberg 35, Hamble Horizon 32, Hardy 18, Heavenly Twins, Hillyard, Hirondelle, Honey Bee, Hunter 26, Hunter 265, Hunter 27, Hunter Horizon 26, Hunter Medina 20, Hunter Pilot, Hunter Ranger 245, Hustler 25.
I Island Plastic, Itchen Ferry.
J Jaguar 22, Jaguar 25, Jeneau 32, Jenneau 32.
K Kelt 39, Kingfisher.
L Legend 29, Leisure 23, Lone Gull II.
M Macwester 27, Macwester Wight, Magregor 26, MFV Gaff Rig, Mirage 28, Moody 29, Moody 30, Moody 33, Moody 34, Moody 36, Morgan Giles 30 Motor Boat, Motor Cat, Motor Cruiser.
N Nab 35, Nicholson 32, North Beach 24.
O One Off Design Catamaran, One Off Wooden Boat.
P Parker 27, Parker 29, Parker 335, Pegasus Prelude, Pelican Fishing Boat, Pionier, Prelude, Prospect 500.
R Rival 31, Rival 32, Rossiter Pintail.
S Saber 27, Sadler 26, Sadler 29, Sail Craft, Seal 26, Seal Sinbad 22, Seamaster 23, Sigma 36, Snap Dragon, Snap Dragon 21, South Coast One Design, Southerly 100, Southerly 110, Spanish Targa, Sportina 760.
T Tosher 18, Trailer Sailor, Trapper 500, Trident 24.
V Varne, Vivacity.
W Warrior 35, Westerly, Westerly Centaur, Westerly Consort, Westerly Corsair, Westerly Griffin, Westerly Griffin, Westerly Ocean Ranger, Westerly Pageant, Westerly Pentland, Westerly Warick, Wooden Boat, Wooden Motor Yacht, Woods Sagilta, Woodsflicker 37.
X X Boat.

We would love you to be the 218th person that discovers Chichester Harbour's best kept secret.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Quick Turnaround, Thornham Marina, Chichester Harbour

Nine unbeatable reasons Thornham Marina, Chichester Harbour guarantees no hassle, quick turnaround Lift and Launch for your boat.

We know what you want. You want great value and you want it now. Which is why we have given you this invitation with special offers worth £195.70.

We're determined to give you this big incentive because we know you will have a great experience at Thornham Marina, Chichester Harbour.

If you want to paint, clean and repair your boat over the next few months call us today to grab your offers. And if you like what you hear when you call why not pass the good news on to another boat owner? If they book this fabulous offer mentioning the code Thornham QT we'll give you a FREE chandlery voucher worth £57 as a thank you.

If you are reading this and you have been to your boat recently only to find that someone else has grabbed the leaflet for themselves then just email Jeanette and say you have seen the article on the blog and we will give you the same deal as the leaflet. See the leaflet below.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Let Thornham Marina polish your bottom

You probably already know the annual task of antifouling takes a lot of time, money and hassle. I thought that you might be interested to know just how cost effective it would be for Thornham Marina (based in Chichester harbour) to Antifoul your boat, and therefore I have worked out a special quote for you.

Normally a 9m boat would cost £244.55 inc VAT but if you would like to book before 28 Feb 10 then I will give you a further £21.19 discount which will mean your total cost is only £223.36, this price is based on a 9m boat. Please call me 01243 375335 (Jeanette, marina manager) or email if you would like to take us up on this offer. Please confirm what colour antifouling you need when you book.

Here are some reasons that boat owners like you might use our Antifoul service?
You know the annual task of antifouling takes a lot of time and hassle. Costs soon add up too, from travelling to the marina to buying specialist Antifoul paint retailing at £65.00 for a 2.5 litre tin from the Marine Superstore. Essential equipment including brushes, rollers, tape and sanding blocks adds at least £40. Don’t forget goggles, a dust mask, gloves and plenty of old clothing to keep you well protected. Then find a free weekend!

What sort of paint do we use/why?
Two coats of Seajet Shogun will be applied to your boat, a prize winning self polishing antifouling suitable for all types of boats. The high copper content is particularly suited for boats in Chichester harbour - 5 Star award and Premium Product Choice - Yachting Monthly Antifouling Test March 06.

We guarantee a clean bottom when your boat goes back into the water!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Trafalgar Wharf - Team of the Year January 2010

Left: Louise Boys, Jonny Boys, Simon Oatley MBE, Matt Rogers (JBT Marine), Lisa Simpson, Tony Parkinson & Phil Weight with their 'Team of the Year' Award.

Our sister company Trafalgar Wharf was awarded third place for Team of the Year at this year's The News Business Awards. They recently completed their first year of trading as Trafalgar Wharf, and they are based at the old Vosper Thorney Croft site in Portchester. I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the ceremony and what a brilliant evening it was. Trafalgar Wharf pride themselves on providing a first class service to the marine industry, the fact that they were nominated, not only for Team of the Year but also for Business of the Year and Community Contribution is testament to Simon, Lisa, Tony and Phil's efforts in making Trafalgar Wharf the award winning business it is so early in its inception. I do have to mention Jonny and Louise Boys also. Jonny is the Managing Director of Trafalgar Wharf, Thornham Marina and JBT Marine our other sister company, if you want to see what they get up to you can log on to their web site. Not one for resting on his laurels he is understandably a very busy man, but never too busy for any of his teams should they need his advice. Louise has also been very involved in the operation of all 3 companies and specialises in the bigger/short term projects.

The team at Thornham congratulate the team at Trafalgar and wish them the very best for this coming year.