Friday, 11 December 2009

Sea Sense

The RYA has published a useful leaflet called 'Sea Sense' reminding water users of a few basic points. A lot of the information is common sense but it doesn't hurt to refresh our minds.

The Sea Sense message aims to ensure that the many different forms of our sport using coastal waters, do so in harmony. Every sport feels that they should have priority on the waters. Who does have priority is defined by the COLREGs. If knowing and applying them spoils your fun, perhaps you are playing in the wrong place or maybe you need to look at them a little more closely to make sure that you fully understand them - after all they are there for your protection.
· Look around & be aware
· Look before you tack
· Give sea room, watch your wash, cut your speed
· Be friendly - don`t buzz
· Use your motoring cone when motoring
· Use your anchor ball & give anchored craft a wide berth
· Boozing and boating don't mix
To read more download the Sea Sense leaflet. Hard copies of this leaflet can be obtained by emailing the Cruising Department or calling 0845 345 0370 / 023 8060 4233.

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