Friday, 3 October 2008

Arriving at Thornham Marina


For those of you arriving at Thornham Marina for the winter we have produced a map of the buoyage as you arrive in Prinsted Bay for the final approach to the marina. Remember as always that this is only a guide and things can change.

As you approach the final leg to the marina make sure you do not get confused and follow on to Paynes boatyard next door. There is normally a yacht called Harmony on a mooring where you need to make the final turn to port and head towards our deep water pool.

If you are early and the pool gate is still up please tie alongside the waiting pontoon on the portside where we will meet you and advise you on the berthing once you have entered the pool.

Once alongside please remove your sails especially furling genoa's before you are lifted out as they have a bad habit of opening themselves during the winter gales.

Further useful information on Thornham Marina can be found HERE.

Thornham Marina Bouyage