Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Thornham Marina Jackets stolen from Thornham Marina, Emsworth

Thornham Marina jackets stolen from Thornham Marina, Emsworth. 97 Thornham Marina jackets have been stolen from the stores at Thornham Marina. The thieves broke in to our secure stores a couple of days ago, These jackets were new and in their packets.

They are navy blue waterproof sailing jackets with an embroidered Thornham Marina logo on the front left breast pocket and collar. There is also a Thornham Marina tag sown into the bottom left seam of the jacket.

The Thornham Marina jackets are unique jackets that are only given to staff and marina customers. If you see anyone who is not a Thornham Marina customer wearing a jacket it is most likely stolen. If you know anything about these stolen jackets please call Thornham Marina on 01243 375335.

At the same time 134 JBT Marine Ballistic Rib jackets were also stolen from the same stores.

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